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I am looking for a MP3/Ogg player that has the ability to playback a file at a higher speed, preferably without affecting the pitch. What players allow that? The only one I know right now is alsaplayer, but it can't do it without affecting the pitch and also has currently a bug that causes it to use 100% of the CPU at all times, so that renders it kind of unusable. What alternatives are out there?

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There's a bug filed on alsaplayer about the 100% CPU usage, right? If not, will you please file a bug about it? Thanks! – Firefeather Jan 26 '12 at 17:51
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playitslowly Install playitslowly

Different to the suggestion of the application's name this player is able to change to a higher or lower pitch or to different playback speeds. Also included is the ability to loop over a section of the audio file (for transcription purposes), and to save the file at a given different speed.

enter image description here

Screenshot from Debian

The package is in the repositories (universe) from Ubuntu 11.04. Here is the project's home page. The player is based on gstreamer, so any files compatible with that will be played.

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