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I'm using Gnome-shell in Ubuntu 11.10, and I love the layout but when I add an application to the favourites panel on the left side, it shoves it at the bottom and I like to arrange them around on the bar.

I tried left clicking, holding down, right clicking, after about a minute I found out, that I had to hold down the scroll wheel to move them, but it's so damn tricky, sometimes it works and sometimes it just does nothing, is it actually the scroll wheel I need to be holding down? or is there another mouse button I need too? I've only successfully managed to move an icon twice, other times I sat down holding down the scroll wheel forever just trying to move an icon, why does it have to be like this?

Please help!

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Click with the left mouse button, drag a bit to the right, find the spot you want to rearrange it to and leave the mouse button

enter image description here

Dont mind the blue, its caused by the screencast tool

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I assume you're using Gnome-Shell: Klick and hold the icon you want to move and, pull it out to the right and place it at the the position you like. That's it.

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