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I've been using thunderbird lately and I like the unified inbox feature, where it aggregates messages in inboxes of your e-mail accounts in one place. This is also present in, for example, iOS 5.

But I prefer to use evolution, and from what I've seen, it doesn't have a proper Unified inbox but in previous versions it could be simulated with search folders (see

In version 3.2 I could not find a way to create these search folders. Confusingly, the included help still talks about menu items that don't exist anymore (e.g. Edit → Search Folders doesn't exist, and Message → Create Rule just sends you to the filter setup dialog). And using Search → Advanced Search to search for both read and unread messages works, but only for the account I'm viewing at the moment, so it's useless.

I could set a filter up to flag all such emails from my inboxes as read and copy them to, say, the inbox in the "On this computer" pseudo-account, but it's obviously not the same, for example if I want to delete a message I just read, or if I was sent a big attachment that would get copied to my computer.

Is there any other way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

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I run Evolution 3.2.3 -- and the menu you described as "not existing" is there (Edit->SeachFolders). And SearchFolders would be exactly what you want. You can check with the Online Documentation on how to create them.

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You could also just use as a web based email client, does the same and has similar functionality as Evolution.

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