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Most services are running, and I can ssh to it without problems. Just have no local consoles (cannot CTRL+ALT+F1,F2...) and no graphic session either....

Looks like somethings not playing nice with the new kernel, but, how do I trace it?

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excellent & well done. Please post your answer in the answers section. In 8 hours time you will be able to accept the answer by clicking the tick symbol next to your answer. We will also have the opportunity to upvote you as well :) – fossfreedom Dec 13 '11 at 12:43
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Answering myself (as recommended ;-) ):

The nvidia drivers must be rebuilt after kernel upgrade (and BTW, dahdi drivers also).

I got local console access sending some CTRL+ALT+F1 BEFORE the nvidia driver was actually loaded into the kernel. That way I learnt it was some misbehaviour of the driver preventing me from falling back to consoles later.

Just sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current and sudo apt-get install nvidia-current did it for me. Also: sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/dkms.postinst reconfigure did it for dahdi.


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