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I want to use my Android device like a wireless headset, I want to stream my audio output with VLC and listen to that with an Android app. How can I make this happen with VLC? and what app can I use on my Android device to listen to it?

Note that I want to stream the audio, not just music files.

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Like several other questions, you're essentially asking "How do I stream audio from my computer to my Android phone?"

The answer I would suggest is the one I've given in several other places: use IceCast. That solution takes all audio and pumps it out over the network. Then you can use any-old-Internet-radio client to pick it up.

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I have tried streaming live cricket match to other systems in my dorm using VLC, but that was around 3 years back, you can refer this link for how it is done.

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I really like Subsonic. It's cross-platform and has an Android app as well as a web interface. That way, you can control the music from the phone, and not have to run back to the server to change songs or whatever.

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You should probably just use the Google Music or the WinAmp app. I use both of them for the same purpose as yours and I have had no problems.

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