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I would like to install the latest Boost C++ libraries onto my 10.10 system using a PPA but cannot find one that works. Nordlöw already suggested good sources in a similar discussion but I could not install the library. The installer states that I have the latest version running.

The ppa:purplekarrot by Daniel Pfeiffer does not upgrade my current 1.42 installation. current 1.42 installation

Although I try to follow the exact instructions by fossfreedom there are no packages listed to being upgraded when I run sudo apt-get upgrade. Here is the output log.

When I try to install libboost-filesystem the only tab completions I am offered are the following.

⚡ sudo apt-get install libboost-filesystem
libboost-filesystem1.40.0    libboost-filesystem1.42.0    libboost-filesystem-dev
libboost-filesystem1.40-dev  libboost-filesystem1.42-dev
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similar question -… – fossfreedom Dec 15 '11 at 10:10
... still need to see the update and upgrade output - can you pastebin the results please? – fossfreedom Dec 15 '11 at 11:10
It was not ticked. Here is the latest installation output. Should I uninstall boost 1.42 before? – JJD Dec 15 '11 at 11:31
Why do the packages not have the signature 1.48 but 111111-maverick. – JJD Dec 15 '11 at 11:37
that's the naming convention the PPA maintainer has used. For some reason libboost-filesystem-dev has been kept back - what happens if you just install this package ie. sudo apt-get install libboost-filesystem-dev ? – fossfreedom Dec 15 '11 at 11:47
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In the end I did not use the PPA since the author clearified its purpose.

please note that the Boost packages in my PPA are not based on the official 1.48 release of boost.

We are developing a new CMake-based build system for the Boost C++ Libraries that can create component-based installers.

My PPA currently is used for testing whether the package generation using our new build system is working. Whether the generated packages are working is currently not tested. If you are looking for a stable Boost release, you should not use this PPA.

I suggest you compile boost yourself. It is actually quite easy. You don't need to call install and you don't need admin rights. Just download the boost sources, exctract them and in a terminal window call:

$ ./ $

Then set the BOOST_ROOT environment variable to the path where you extracted boost. You now should be able to build Gource.

Nevertheless, there are some details that I needed to take care of regarding Gource. I will post them in a short while since I need to look them up again.

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