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How do I get the "GoFlex Home" network drive to mount in ubuntu 10.4?

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On my 11.10 install, the nautilus file browser is able to find it automatically, and calls it an "AFP volume". See Fstab for GoFlex Home 2tb NAS

I think it is possible to add AFP functionality to Ubuntu since 9.04, according to ... Hope that helps

PS I should add: you can access the GoFlex configuration page using a web browser, by typing in the ip address for the drive as your web location. This information might be under "attached devices" in your router page, which often times is a very similar process. For example: If you see as your Ubuntu machine's IP address (type 'ifconfig' in the terminal), then your router is probably, and your GoFlex is probably or something.

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Run fsck <drive name> to see whether or not the filesystem is in good shape (no errors, bad sectors, etc.). Then try again.

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