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I would like to use an Ubuntu 11.10 workstation as a fax server. What would be the best application to use? How do I configure it to act as both a fax server and fax client? I've tried efax-gtk, but keep running into issues. It mostly seems that the program cannot communicate with the modem. I've tried 3 different internal modems. Do I have to use an external modem via a serial port/com port?

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HylaFAX is in the repos and they also have a hardware compatibility list which might be a good start.

There are also a couple of tools that were created to provide a GUI for HylaFAX:

Source: Faxserver with GUI or web based interface

"WinModems" are unlikely to give you any real joy so if you can find a "real" modem (as listed) that should work. Finding one of those might solve your problems with efax.

Edit: Or throw the modems away and use an email->fax service instead.

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+1 for the edit comment. When someone asks me to fax something I usually ask if I can send it by telegraph or telegram instead. They usually get the point. – Tom Brossman Feb 26 '12 at 21:24

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