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I don't want to navigate via the Networks --> workgroup/domain folder. I want to skip that step and directly access the share of a specific machine.

For example, in Windows you would type in Windows Explorer:


and it would open up the shares of that machine. How can I do this in Ubuntu?

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I'm assuming you are talking about shares on a Windows machine. I usually just open a nautilus window and type


then press enter.

You might need to press Ctrl+L in Nautilus to get the location bar to put than it.

That will show you the shares on that computer, including the administratively hidden ones like admin$ which a Windows client won't show you.

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You can bring up the Run Command interface (or gnome-do) trough the shortcut Alt + F2 and insert machine's hostname as you would in Windows. Like:

alt text

Then, Enter or simply click Run

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Under Places > Connect to Server you can specify the details under Windows Shares.

It is self explanatory once you have the dialog box open.

Details can be found here.

If you bookmark that place in nautilus so it creates a bookmark in your left hand side bar, clicking on that bookmark in future will reconnect the share for you.

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