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I managed to get TweetDeck running on 11.04. I installed a version of Adobe AIR from the archive, then just copied the contents of /opt/TweetDeck in from another Ubuntu 10.04 machine. Now, I'm trying to get the TweetDeck Icon in the launcher, and failing miserably. Any recommendations?

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There's a problem in general with Adobe AIR applications and the Unity Launcher. See this bug report if you want to follow along:

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Typically adobe air would create a desktop launcher when installing that you could put to use.

In this case you copied over so browse here, if there is a tweakdeckfastXXXX.desktop inside then just grab with cursor & drop on to the unity launcher.


You may or may not need to do a log out/in afterwards.

Another option, if the .desktop is there, is to copy to it ~/.local/share/applications, then drag & drop onto your unity launcher

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