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The terminal is where everything gets done in linux.

So if this is true, how can I play an AVI video (.avi extension) from the Terminal?

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In general you start any command from a terminal by entering the command.

So to edit a file with gedit

gedit file_to_edit

An .avi is no different, just a different command

banshee your.avi

You may use any media player you wish.

the only thing is an avi itself is a container, so you may need to install some codecs. codecs are the tools to play mp3 and other audio visual files.

this link may help


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cool thanks for the link. – ubuntu-nerd Dec 11 '11 at 4:32
general syntax is <program> <file to be played> – Vineet Menon Dec 11 '11 at 5:01

The syntax to open any file in its default application is

xdg-open <file_name>

If you mean play the video in the terminal video, install mplayer (sudo apt-get install mplayer) and run

mplayer -vo caca <movie_file>

It doesn't run directly in the terminal window, but it does display in ASCII characters.

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