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I recently acquired a HP mini netbook with a broken hard drive. I have booted Ubuntu 11.10 from a USB drive and it works great. I would like to install the OS to an external hard drive. The problem is, my screen resolution is off so that the bottom part of system windows are cut off. I can scroll in applications, but not in the system settings window.

I tried to perform an install and it went well until I was asked to choose a user logo, I couldn't go any further because I could not press the 'accept' button.

Is there a was to change the screen resolution or modify the aspect while booting from a USB drive? The only resolution option I have is 1024 x 526 (16:9), and for whatever reason this is cutting off the bottom of the screen.

The only other solutions I have seen require either logging out or re-booting, which don't seem to work because the system reboots the same way from the USB everytime.

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