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I did a fresh install of 11.10. Since then the workspace switcher shows no switching animation (including the small 2x2 preview when pressing ctrl+alt+arrow key). All I see is a plain 1x4 grid of workspaces.

Also, when switching to another workspace, all windows get maximised every time. Messing with the CCSM options gave me no result. This never happened in 11.04.

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You're using Unity 2D, thats why the CompizConfig Settings Manager has no effects, Compiz simply isn't being used.

Are there any proprietary drivers available for your system? You can check it with Jockey (the Additional hardware drivers dialog). If yes, select the one saying recommended and hit the Install or Activate button.
Jockey (old, but English) Jockey

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So I had an issue where my graphics driver was not shown in the proprietary drivers settings. So I installed it manually, restarted my pc and finally everything works as it should. Thanks! – user37384 Dec 10 '11 at 15:35

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