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Are there any good tips for optimizing KDE4 memory consumption?

It feels like a memory hog, even when I have 4GB of RAM and i5 CPU it feels heavy.

I disabled all effects but still it feels heavy and consumes twice more memory then Gnome.

Any points for optimization of KDE4 (not Ubuntu in general)?

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Try this package:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-low-fat-settings

It is specifically designed to minimize ram consumption and speed up the system as much as possible.

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Nice, thanks. It saved me 100MB of memory, now it is 625 against 725... – Artyom Dec 10 '11 at 19:52

I do not think it is a memory issue in machine with 4 gb RAM. It is more likely to be a graphics card driver issue. What is your graphics card and your current driver? And KDE version matters, of course among other parameters like running background processes etc.

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Graphics card is Intel, so it should be very well supported, also I'm talking about Ubuntu 11.04... I don't know the exact version. After all it is memory hog even in "effects-free" configuration. – Artyom Dec 18 '11 at 7:35

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