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I'm trying to backup my God Of War PS2 game however the ISO that I created is 7.5GB large. Normal DVD-Rs however have a 4.7GB size limit. How and with which tools can I backup a DVD dual layer on a normal DVD-R?

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You go an buy a Dual Layer DVD and copy the game in that disc. – Uri Herrera Dec 10 '11 at 8:33
You should also know that your backup will not be playable in any un-modded PS2s. So the only thing that backup would be useful for would be the PCSX2 emulator or modded systems. So if giving this game to a friend of yours was on your agenda then you're probably out of luck. – user6658 Dec 10 '11 at 14:28
I have a modded PS2 – Mysterio Dec 10 '11 at 18:20
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It is available in the Ubuntu Software Center. It has a GUI interface. It will convert dual-layer DVD images into single-layer DVD images. These split-images are compatible with many media players as well (for movies etc.). Check their website for more details.

The application is available in English, even though following image is not.

DVD95 features

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This program does not magically give you more space. It re-encodes movies to lower qualities so that you can fit them on smaller mediums. – user6658 Dec 10 '11 at 14:31

If it is just for making a backup you can use the split command to split the file into 2 or more parts. Burn the parts to several 4.7 Gb discs. You can use cat to restore the parts to 1 file.

Another method would be to unpack the ISO and burn the files to several disc.

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You're not going to be able to back up that game on a single layer disc. You simply need the storage. It's not like a DVD where you can just re-encode it to a lower quality, that game is a collection of thousands of files that need to be intact. You will need a Dual-layer disc.

If you'd like you can rip the DVD to an .iso on your desktop. Brasero could probably create one for you.

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