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Recently I've upgraded my Ubuntu.

When I press the Caps-Lock its indicator on my keyboard turns on, but it doesn't turn off when I press it again!

And also I've got problem with NumLock key. When I press it, it's light indicator doesn't turn on but NumLock has actually been activated!

Is it a bug?

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The LEDs on our keyboard don't depend on Operating System for switching on or off.

The lights can be turned on or off whenever you press the keys even when you are configuring your BIOS or when selecting an Operating System. They are a completely different PCB itself and don't really depend on your Ubuntu in any way from what I know.

So, it's not a bug unless you are talking about indicators in panel or something like that. It's plain coincidence or may be you didn't observe properly. If the problem persists, get your keyboard repaired.

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For me they work when booting, at grub screen, at login screen...only after logging into the account do they stop working....! –  pinkpanther Mar 4 at 9:43
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