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How do I start banshee in the mode where I can get a log? Its crashing while syncing with my Cowon iAudio 9.

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Open a terminal and type banshee --debug.

If you need any further help with the output add it the your question by pressing the edit button under it and change the title to reflect your problem.

You can also save the output text by running banshee --debug > ~/banshee_debug, it will save the output to a file called banshee_debug in your home folder.

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Obtain a debug log by running the following or if/as recommended in your bug report otherwise:

Open a terminal and type:


cd ~; banshee --debug 2>&1 | tee banshee-debug-log.txt

Reproduce your problem and exit banshee and attach the resulting banshee-debug-log.txt to your bug report

(the banshee-debug-log.txt will be in the base of your home directory)

Here's the source link.

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Why is the MacOS X command even there? – Bruno Pereira Dec 9 '11 at 13:26
I left that originally since there's a wide audience that utilizes askubuntu, and thought that it might get others to feel welcome. I didn't think it would be necessary to remove the reference to MacOS X. – itnet7 Dec 11 '11 at 17:55

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