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I've been wondering if it is possible to deploy a charm, say for example, a wordpress charm to a single node. i.e. bootstrapped node + mysql node + wordpress node = 1 node

One scenario can be: deployments that do not require high availability and get very little traffic.

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If you're just looking to run a personal blog and want to save money you can run all of this on a single node, here's an entire single node installation from scratch

juju bootstrap
juju deploy --to 0 wordpress
juju deploy --to 0 mysql
juju add-relation wordpress mysql 
juju expose wordpress

This will run everything on one node, however we still have the flexibility to grow horizontally. If your blog gets more traffic and you need to scale:

juju add-unit wordpress

Since we're omitting the --to command Juju will fire up a new dedicated machine for Wordpress and relate it. You can also remove-unit when the surge is over and go back to a cheaper one node set up.

The --to command lets you do a bunch of options for deploying to units, you can check it out in the Deploying section of the documentation here:

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You can also use jitsu, jitsu is the tool where they develop new ideas how juju should work. Jitsu has a "deploy-to" command.

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