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Despite several attempts at a solution, I still can't change the default applications in Ubuntu 11.10. If I change them in system settings they revert back as soon as I close the dialogue. Next time I open the settings, default applications have reverted back to the standards. If I right click a file and try to choose a default application there I get an error message saying "can't create user application configuration folder" etc etc.

I am logged in as the only user created, so I should have rights to change these settings, shouldn't I?

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here's what I've recently found out for this issue: Install Ubuntu-Tweak and there you get an option namely "File Type manager" There you can edit all the default application for all type of files/programs. Give it a try and i'm sure it'll work for you the way it worked for me!

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If the fault message went on to say Not a directory then simply browse to ~/.local/share and remove, rename or move the file named applications which shouldn't be there and is preventing the creation of an applications directory.

Open a terminal to check is there is a applications file, type on a terminal

nautilus ~/.local/share

or press Ctrl+h with nautilus open and navigate to ~/.local/share.

If there is a file called applications there, rename it, or delete it (if find renaming it more secure, just in case).

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This is just a thought... have you tried in root? do (in terminal)

sudo gedit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

then type in your password and then edit your values there. Hope this helps!

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