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I don't mean the flash player here, I'm talking about the flash program that I can make animations with. Like Adobe Flash CS (formerly known as Macromedia flash). Is there a program on linux that I can make animations? I want to make a movie like animator vs animation. I used easy gif animator on windows lol it was a bit harder than flash but I'm on linux and I'd like to know what it has to offer. Worse case scenario, what gif animators are there on linux.

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Some alternatives for Flash are:

  1. Pencil (available in the software centre)
  2. Synfig

Both may not be as powerful as Flash, but they may get your work done.

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Synfig is probably what you are looking for.

The software's main focus is vector animation but it's able to do animated gif's as well. I'm reasonably certain it's the closest thing to Flash you're going to find on Linux (as of this typing).

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In addition to Pencil (which has notoriously slow development) and Synfig, Ktoon was recently resurrected as Tupi and is being actively developed as of writing this.

It has a more familiar interface for animation and only uses a single window, unlike Synfig

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Unfortunately I haven't seen a viable flash creating application for Linux. Gimp has animated GIF support where you create each frame as a layer and in the Filters option you can choose the delay of each layer which then gives an animation. The only other option I can see is to either try and use Wine or a Virtual Machine to get around this issue.

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If you didn't sell those versions of flash, you can install Wine, and install the software that way. But, Wine does take alot of space, and it needs yu to manually configure its registery.

share|improve this answer is an excellent free tool to create 2d animation videos. You can upload your videos to youtube

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it's only free for videos up to 30 seconds length. – Suzana_K Mar 21 at 11:00

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