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I would like to copy all recordings of a certain show to a folder so I can transfer them to another computer and watch them "offline". MythTV stores all recordings in a single folder in files titled "2609_20111111093000.nuv" which makes finding all the episodes I want a daunting task.

I tried using MythArchive but it seemingly oriented at burning files to DVDs. In addition, my MythTV crashes when I try to use MythArchive.

I'm not particularly concerned with converting/recompressing files, just copying them would be enough.

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mythnuv2mkv allows you to convert any .nuv to other standard formats with the ability to look in imdb for titles and other information about the files.

I have not personally used it but it sounds very easy to use and the necessary tools (other than the script) are available for Ubuntu:

  • mythtranscode - mythtv-transcode-utils (multiverse)
  • perl - perl (main)
  • mplayer - mplayer (multiverse or non-free(medibuntu))
  • mencoder - mencoder (multiverse or non-free(medibuntu))
  • wget - wget (main)
  • ImageMagick - imagemagick (main)
  • bc - bc (main)

Give it a go and drop a comment if it does not do what you are looking for.

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This is an interesting script which will be useful after I figure out which episodes I want to convert - and it even has an option to copy a file to another folder. And even an option to find episodes by title. Which would be ideal. BUT: when using --findtitle option, it just prints the list of episodes and exits, no other options have any effect. So I can't use it to copy all episodes with a certain title. – Sergey Dec 8 '11 at 11:34
It should allow to just convert all of them (creating new files with titles) and after you will be able to sort them out. I know it sounds a bit tedious but should do the job. – Bruno Pereira Dec 8 '11 at 11:36
Note that I don't want to convert them, I just want to copy some of them. Converting a few terabytes of files is going to take... I don't know... weeks? Then it'll move them all to MythVideo, which I don't want, and it'll disable auto-expiry, and... just to many side-effects. But thanks for suggesting the script, I'm going to use it after I copied the files I need out of mythtv. – Sergey Dec 8 '11 at 11:52
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Here's a solution I found, and it's nearly perfect:

  • there's a standard MythTV script called, which is able to create human-readable links to all recording files: --link /mnt/pretty --format '%T/%T%-%S'
  • after the script created the links, I can use cp --dereference or, even better, Midnight Commander, to copy any files I want wherever I want with nice human-readable names.

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accepting my own answer since that's what I ended up using. mythvfs was ok-ish too but on my machine it was just too sluggish. – Sergey Apr 8 '12 at 22:56

If you just need to show filenames in a human-readable format, without reconverting or copying them, you can get it and saving disk-space using the virtual filesystem MythVFS which can be installed via

sudo apt-get install mythtvfs

Just "mount" a virtual filesystem by configuring it in /etc/fstab and you'll see all your recording files with title, date, channel number or whatever you like in the filename.

Here's an example on how I mount it via fstab:

mythtvfs#/media/mythtv /media/VFS/mythtv fuse user,noauto,allow_other,uid=mythtv,gid=mythtv,host=localhost,format=%T-%S-(@%c-%s)_%f,date_format=%Y-%m-%d,datetime_format=%Y-%m-%d-h%H:%M 0 0

where: /media/mythtv is my recording directory /media/VFS/mythtv is my MythTv VFS mountpoint mythtv is my MythTv's user (ad group) id

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That's an interesting option, thanks. Do you know if it's possible to make it to create "subfolders" for each show with all episodes inside that subfolder? – Sergey Jan 29 '12 at 2:57
I think this could be realized by mounting a specific type of recordings in its own directory. Writing a shell script that query the database and creates different mountpoints depending on the serie's title could make the trick, but I didn't try and I don't know if it works. – ganassa Feb 26 '12 at 11:24

Have you looked at Mythexport?

I am not sure if it is still being worked on, as I have had a few issues with it. But I believe it would be what you are looking for.

With it you can schedule to have recordings transcoded to configurable encoding and it will move the export to a folder you configure. It also names the files to a human readable format.

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