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I have a card installed, which causing not to get ip address automatically using DHCP. So i need to remove that card completely for the moment. I tried as below but its not working how can i remove it?

$ lsmod | card
card   45555 2

$ modprobe -r card
FATAL: Module card is in use.

$ rmmod card
FATAL: Module card is in use.
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lsmod|card is not the real command you gave I think. You missed the grep part pasting here possibly. So, is this output the whole one? I mean is there any other modules using card? – heartsmagic Dec 8 '11 at 10:09
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One possible way is to blacklist the driver that is being loaded:

sudo nano `/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist`

add the driver-name using following syntax:

blacklist driver-name


Create a file '/etc/modprobe.d/[modulename].conf' containing 'blacklist [modulename]'.

Run depmod -ae as root

Recreate your initrd with update-initramfs -u


In the dim and distant past I seem to remember you can do this from Grub - not sure if this is still applicable in oneiric but you could try as one of your Grub boot options

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