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In Ubuntu 10.04 Evince does not display comments in an annotated PDF file. Or at least that is what my experience is when I was trying to view them. I searched for information about it and I found some people who complained about this feature missing.

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good PDF viewer that run in gnome and displays comments in an annotated PDF file. I don't care about being to annotate the file myself right now, I just want to be able to view comments made by someone else.

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Adobe Reader 9.4 available here: should do, unless when you say run in gnome you mean open source gnome based application. – Sabacon Dec 7 '11 at 23:28
Thanks, I guess I was hoping that there was a good open source app, but Adobe Reader works okay, and is also available with apt-get. – Gabriel Southern Dec 9 '11 at 7:01

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Adobe Reader 9.4 available here: should do, unless when you say run in gnome you mean open source gnome based application.

Also available in the parteners repository, see this answer.

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Adobe Does not seem to support Linux anymore (The OSs proposed by your link are only Windows, MacOS and Android). As of this writing, the last version available is 2 years old (2013). The only remaining alternative are currently open source – Frédéric Grosshans Sep 21 at 9:54
@Frédéric Grosshans You are right, fortunately Some of the open source readers for Ubuntu are able to view annotations now, okular I think is leading the way, I have purchased PDF Studio Pro from here as I need more than what okular can do. – Sabacon Sep 21 at 23:22

To view comments in PDF files under linux you may consider using current version of Firefox. Just drag PDF file into browser window or put absolute path to given file in the location bar (ie. /home/username/Documents/file.pdf) and hit Enter.

If you are using older version of Firefox it's possible that this feature is disabled by default (since it sometimes caused problems; has an article that describes how to enable it). You may also install it as addon from:

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As much as I had experienced, there is no native applications on Ubuntu which could open annotated PDF files "cleanly". I had tried opening with evince, xpdf, xournal, inkscape and no luck.

The good news is, I found a "dirty" way to view the annotation text by using openoffice. More accurately, the annotated text can be read in openoffice writer.

I had success viewing annotated text in OpenOffice 2.4, so newer version may display better [Unfortunately, I am new to AskUbuntu so I cannot post screenshot here].

Above all, to "cleanly" view annotated text in PDF, you would have to depend on Windows applications (such as Foxit Feader, etc) installed via Wine.

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I think that you got voted down because Adobe Reader is available as a native application and it does let you view comments. Admittedly it is not an open source application though. – Gabriel Southern Dec 9 '11 at 7:00

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