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Is it possible to remove the commercial programs section from the Software Center?

Is there a way to disable or hide paid apps from Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu 11.10)? Or a way to permanently filter apps by licence: open source / closed but free / paid?

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Also if you click on the more info button on any application it tells you the price, the license and any other info you are likely to need. I know it's not exactly filtering but it should help you make decisions on whether to install or not.

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Yes. In the toolbar, where it says "All programs", you can click the arrow and select "From Ubuntu" instead.

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Thanks, but that's only a partial solution. Doing as You suggest hides the category sidebar (i.e. cripples functionality) and works only for current session - it's not remembered when the Software Center is started next time. – arunas Dec 6 '11 at 12:53

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