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As most of you probably know the Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha has been released. However there is a bug that makes the ISO file over sized so that it will not fit on a typical 80min CD. The computer that I wish to use to test it does not have a DVD drive installed or I would just go that route. I have used various USB installation programs in the past to created Live-USBs, but none of the programs I have used are updated for Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha. So I was wondering if anybody has been able to install the Alpha from USB and if so, how? Thanks in advance for your time

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see here: – Takkat Dec 6 '11 at 7:16
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The over-700MB iso isn't a bug. Bootable USB drives are very convenient!

Look in your Dash for "Startup Disk Creator" (If non-Unity, then it's in the System menu)

The application asks you two questions: Where is the .iso? And which USB drive? It's very easy and straightforward.

Good luck!

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Wow! That was incredibly simple and I don't know why I've never used the built in start-up disk creator. Thanks a lot – jayeag00 Dec 6 '11 at 5:05

I use this way to create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu 12.04, but when I used it to install Ubuntu 12.04 in a physical machine, it hang in the beginning. Only the 'Ubuntu' icon and a progress bar (five shining stars) were in the screen... Any idea? Thanks.

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