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I have a RAID 5 system, ICH10R, on a eVGA classified x58 motherboard. The RAID failed because of an application failure in Windows 7 (dual boot) which forced a hard restart.

I rebuilt the array using the Intel Matrox Storage Manager app in Windows 7 (all automatic), but now the random characters changed and my drives won't mount. Basically the random prefix changed and now Kubuntu doesn't know where to look. I have labeled the volume "STRIPE" and it had:


where # is the number of my partition. Now the device shows up as:


so I had to change all of the entries in /etc/fstab. The reason for my asking here is two fold:

  1. Would there (by default) be any other places where the device would be listed explicitly & I should change it?

  2. Is there approach I could've taken so that the characters wouldn't be random and wouldn't change after a rebuild? Specifically, I had to [go through hell] ( just to get the system to boot. So I've already exhausted my googling skills, just curious if anyone knows of unpublished settings or things I may have missed?


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It is recommended to always refer to filesystems by their UUID, instead of their /dev path, which may change, based on driver, timing, etc. To get the UUID, use blkid:

sudo blkid /dev/mapper/isw_bedfhcecfj_STRIPE#

Then replace /dev/mapper/isw_bedfhcecfj_STRIPE# in /etc/fstab with UUID=...what blkid reported for uuid...

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Excellent. Worked like a charm. Thanks! (And sorry it took me so long to accept your answer). – M. Tibbits Nov 8 '10 at 5:00

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