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Possible Duplicate:
How to distribute windows over virtual desktops in Gnome

Is there a way to assign apps to a specific workspace in Unity (11.10)? With this I mean that when I open, for instance Rhythmbox, it allways opens in Workspace 2. When I click on LibreOffice Writer in the dock, it opens in workspace 4. And so on.

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Yes it is.

Install CompizConfig Settings Manager using

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Run it by searching for ccsm in Dash, and scroll down to Place Windows under Window Management. Check it, click it and move to the Fixed Window Placement tab. Under Windows with Fixed Viewports, click New. Click the big, green Plus sign to the right. Leave the dropdown menu to Window Class to get all instances of the program to run in same workspace.* Click Grab and point the cross-hair to the application you would like to set the option for. Click the app. Then set the grid location and you should be done!

*: I'm unsure of the effect of the other options, but on thing that can be annoying with the window class option is that if you move your application to a different workspace after you have opened it, then any dialogs will still open in the set workspace. It can be confusing.

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