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Once in a while when i start skype my RAM memory spikes-up continuously, extending till HDD swaping starts. I've noticed this behavior on my 32bit Natty installation, 32 bit Oneiric and 64bit Oneiric. All systems were fully updated. This issue is very annoying because the system becomes quickly unusable if you don't force skype to close asap.

Am i the only one that has this? Is there a fix for it? I tried to file a bug on launchpad but there is no place there where i can "complain".

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Yes, I am having the same problem. I tried to find a solution for this without any success. I found a lot of other people are having this issue too. Also it seems that Skype is ignoring this issue though.

For now I try to avoid using Skype. Sadly its sometimes necessary though. :/

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