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Does Ubuntu One have problems with special characters in the path?

C:\Documents and Settings\René\Ubuntu One

This path seems to cause immediate problems. It can't sync and when I try to add a directory, it crashes. A window pops up saying:

'c:\\Documents and Settings\\Ren\xe9'
'ordinal not in range(128)'

I'm working with Windows XP, SP3. I downloaded (I hope) the latest version of U1: 2.0.2. I see in the dashboard the path: C:\Documents and Settings\René\Ubuntu One As soon as I click on add folder the pop up appears.

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Description seems you have installed it on Windows, Because windows version is not very stable yet It would be advisable to provide version of Windows, Version of UbuntuOne and content of file itself (If possible). I tried adding special character file in Ubuntu and it worked with no problems. I had issues with Windows version -- never got it working but it was when they released alpha version for Windows –  wisemonkey Dec 5 '11 at 18:40
Via Jacob Johan Edward, this appears to be a bug in Ubuntu One. –  Stefano Palazzo Jan 27 '12 at 10:57