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Installed 11.10 fresh but with a previously used /home/bob directory mounted.

unity does not start when i log in as 'bob', but does work as a guest, as well as for a new users account i made, 'bob2'.

if i start in 2d then run unity from command line, it works (this is my current work-around).

things i have tried:

  • unity --reset

  • removed all settings directories (rm -rf .gconf .gnome2 etc)

  • installed ccsm and un/re-enabled unity, and removed conflicts (there were some)

none seem to solve the problem. any ideas?

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Did you try removing the ~/home/bob/.compiz-1 folder? – htorque Feb 25 '12 at 21:31

Removing .Xauthority and ~/.config/autostart fixed the problem.

rm ~/.Xauthority
rm -rf ~/.config/autostart 
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