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I want the Unity launcher icon to show me (at a glance) on which workspace I am (as in most of the other desktop environments) - is there a way to?

I tried to search the issue but there are too many duplicate wordings like "how order/remove/resize launcher icons", and so on.

The closest one was this, but not sufficient either:

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Not exactly what you've requested, which as answered is not possible but a decent alternative is the indicator-workspace. It displays the current WS number in the panel & allows switching WS's from it.

Available from this ppa

LP page

showing on WS 2

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This indicator is absolutely amazing! I'm so lost without it :P – Ryan McClure Aug 14 '12 at 2:09

As commented on the question, and converted to an answer ;)

Your Unity Launcher cannot be moded unless you are prepared to do some serious code-work. The Workspace Switcher does what you are asking for (although not in just a glance) and also allows you to switch workspaces if need be

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