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I have a friend who recently installed Wubi and he mentioned that hulu.com videos are choppy (to the point of being unwatchable) whereas youtube is fine for him. I also have the same version of Ubuntu (10.4) (although, I have a regular install, not Wubi) and I never have problems with hulu.com. I asked if he ever installed Flash and he said "No, it played out of the box without needing to do anything".

What can I do to help him? Should I have him run Adobe's Flash installer? I think, (but am not sure) that I did that on my machine, previously. Does hulu.com even use Flash? One point to mention is that he is running on a laptop, and I am running from a desktop.

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Your friend might have better luck with the Hulu Desktop Player.

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Fullscreen flash has terrible performance on linux. If you don't have a fast computer, it will be very choppy.

Because Flash is proprietary, there's nothing we can do except hope Adobe improves it. In the meantime, try a non-flash player whenever possible. I don't think there is one available for Hulu. The desktop player that Jorge suggested is still flash-based.

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So you don't think it will help? –  SpashHit Oct 20 '10 at 19:49
@SpashHit: You'll have to try it, but if it's flash that's causing the choppiness, I don't think it will help. –  Matthew Oct 20 '10 at 20:14

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