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I run byobu on my home server, and I noticed this today - what is it?

It's part of the byobu notification/status bar, on a 64-bit 11.10 server.

enter image description here

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This shows the number of packages that need to be updated on the system.

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Thanks, as soon as I updated my system, it went away. – James Dec 3 '11 at 21:10


   updates_available - the number of  updates  available  on  the  system;
   displayed  in  the  lower  bar  toward the right in white text on a red
   background with  a  trailing  '!'  sign;  if  any  updates  are  marked
   'security  updates',  then  there  will  be  a  total  of  two trailing
   exclamation points, '!!'
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