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When I press the button on the dvd player, it doesn't open.

If I press it during the boot (before starting ubuntu), it opens fine.

So, what I have to do to eject the dvd?

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Try this:


  1. sudo eject /dev/sr0
  2. file /dev/sr0
  3. sudo eject -i off
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Some CD/DVD eject buttons send a signal, so that the operating system knows to eject. Some do not send a signal. So just pretend you do not have an ejection button on the device and use eject instead. If you are already on the command line...


or maybe you may need to specify the device:

eject /dev/sdc

If you are not on the command line, you might use [ALT]+[F2] to run a command... and the same commands would work that way, too.

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eject works (I forgot to mention). Is it a wrong configuration? How to fix? – BЈовић Dec 3 '11 at 15:52

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