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My copy of vim Install vim has many plugins installed: ruby, php, python etc.

When I invoke vim from the terminal, I have to wait ~ 10 seconds before vim finishes starting.

Is it possible to have it load when Ubuntu starts?

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Yes, but I don't see using it without a terminal (unless you use gVim). You can add it to .bashrc in your home directory ( or .bash_profile under some circumstances ).

See for instructions on adding startup applications in Ubuntu. The command would be one of the following:

gvim #vim GUI version

gnome-terminal --command 'vim' #execute ONLY vim in a terminal

gnome-terminal #start a terminal, and vim will load if it's in .bashrc

Replace "gnome-terminal" and "--command" with your favored terminal emulator and syntax for running commands on startup, respectively.

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In case you need to run other programs from the command line, you can use Ctrl+z to pause vim while you do something else, and the 'fg' command in bash to restore your previous editor state. Bash job control is awesome. – Barbarrosa Dec 3 '11 at 2:47
Oh! ctrl+z and "fg" - is awesome! =) – Вячеслав Логинов Dec 8 '11 at 11:06

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