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I natively installed ubuntu with the package manager through apt-get install drush .

After a find i discovered that they're natively installed at /usr/share/drush.

My question is the following: is it possible to add aliases with the ubuntu brewed drush? If so where? in the /usr/share/drush/ folder?

The ubuntu version seems to be missing the example folder as well as some other files: ini, topic files.

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For instructions on creating aliases, see drush topic docs-aliases, which can also be found at

The best place to put global aliases would be in /etc/drush; user-specific aliases should go in $HOME/.drush.

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Thanks Greg. Welcome to too btw. – chrisjlee Dec 7 '11 at 19:05

You can create a folder in your drush folder called 'aliases'. In that folder you can create a file aliases.drushrc.php (or project specific -> myproject.aliases.drushrc.php) and i guess it should work then. so first try /usr/share/drush/aliases/aliases.drushrc.php, and see if that works.

If you put the drush location in your path, you can place the alias file in a drush folder in your home directory

there's more linux specific info in the readme.txt

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