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i am trying to extract the initrd.lz from the casper folder

lzma -dc -S .lz initrd.lz | cpio -imvd --no-absolute-filenames

and i get this message:

lzma: Decoder error
cpio: premature end of archive

i am using ubuntu 10.10, is there another command to extract lz files? am i missing a parameter?

what can be the issue? thanks

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You will see this error if you are :

  1. Using a different distribution other than Ubuntu (for example Mint) OR
  2. you have an old version of Ubuntu (eg: Karmic 9.10) OR
  3. you have a disk error OR
  4. you are trying using a software like Reconstructor

If you want to customize your initrd, i recommend to use the latest version 11.10 and then customize it.

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oh i was using mint11 file with ubuntu 11.10 it works, thanks – aki Dec 2 '11 at 12:42

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