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I tried to test a charm but it had configuration options and I wasn't aware of them. Short of browsing the charm itself how can I see what config options a charm has?

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juju get and then the charm name will tell you what config options it has and what the current value is, if any.

jorge@lowgirl:~/src/oneiric$ juju get statusnet
charm: local:oneiric/statusnet-1
service: statusnet
        description: The email address of the administrator (cannot be changed)
        type: string
        value: -Not set-
        description: The nickname for the administrator (cannot be changed)
        type: string
        value: -Not set-
        description: The password for the administrator
        type: string
        value: -Not set-
        description: The name of the site
        type: string
        value: Untitled

juju set will then pass along the config, like so:

juju set statusnet email="" nickname="jorge" password="whatever"

Each command has corresponding documentation:

  • juju get --help
  • juju set --help
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