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Stable Liferea 1.6.4 provided by Ubuntu packaging system is build with indicator-applet (just like there is mail indicator, IM indicator etc). It's easy for evoking and it displays unread feeds beautifully and it's informative just the way I like, like other indicators

However I removed this 1.6.4 version and installed latest dev - 1.8-RC2 from source, as I learned there is Google Reader support (subscription and synchronising), starting from 1.7 version.

Everything seems fine, only I don't have indicator applet and I would like to know if it's not so hard to install it with it.

I found unstable Liferea PPA (by same team that packages stable release) but couldn't find a way to ask this question there. Also latest unstable in that PPA is 1.7.5 and I doubt if I should install through this PPA, as I've read that 1.7 branch is too buggy and this 1.8-RC2 seems to work well on my system

It doesn't seem that this is duplicate: How do I get Liferea 1.8 RC to use the global application menu?
I'm asking about indicator applet instead systray


I removed my source build and installed Liferea unstable from provided PPA:

  1. It does not have indicator applet
  2. Subscribining to Google reader account places all feeds in one folder - it does not respect Google Reader folders like 1.8-RC2 I have installed
  3. I removed it
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Are you still looking for help with this, Liferea 1.8.3 stable has been released for 11.04 so I assume this is no longer an issue? – coversnail May 13 '12 at 18:03
Thanks dizzy ;) I'm on 12.04 now – zetah May 13 '12 at 18:14