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We have a mysql server working on Ubuntu server.

Many clients (using a Windows Xp app) give us the "Lost connection to MySQL server during query".

How can I track down the problem?

The server is always fully functional and I don't have any diagnostic idea. The server is sitting on a VmWare ESXi and has always worked perfectly.

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Use icpld from

ICPLD is a connection monitor which allows you to keep track of your network connection perfomance. It will log each occasion of broken networking. It runs as a background process, and sends ICMP requests to an ip of your choice. When a reply isn't received within proper amount of time, it will consider the connection as unavailable and put a stamp in its log.

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You could look in /var/log/mysql.* /var/log/mysql/error.log to see if your server has anything to say about daytime activities.

You could also come up with a simple MySQL transaction that you could run periodically to check response time.

You could adapt this answer to maintain connectivity

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