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I have a Chromebook running Ubuntu that I just broke. I had everything on the internal harddrive for the computer, but ran out of space, so I decided to move my home partition onto a memory card that would stay in it's slot.

I setup my home partition on the memory card and changed the fstab file to point to it as the home partition. When I rebooted my system I couldn't login to my user (kept refreshing the login screen when I enter username and password).

After figuring out that the problem was with my new home partition I figured I'd just boot to a virtual terminal and change everything back since I should've been able to login there from what I've read on other forums. The problem is that I have keytouch running which overrides all of my Fn keys so I can't get to a virtual terminal. Is there another way, from the login screen, to get to some form of a terminal that can edit the fstab file and move directories around?

I am running Ubuntu Desktop 11.10

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