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I do a lot of diffing and I would like to have kdiff3 under "Open with...". When from console I execute kdiff3 file1 file2 then kdiff is runned and it compares those two files. however this does not work with "open with".

If I select two files and click "Open with..." and type "kdiff3" then kdiff is runned with only first file. is it possible to pass two files to kdiff as open with?

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Open with is not meant for such a use-case. Even if it were possible, by (for eg) by creating a second shell script that would launch kdiff3, it would either hardcode the second file in thE script itself, or have to ask you for it.

What you ideally need is a nautilus/dolphin extension that would call kdiff3 for you with the selected files.

this is a nautilus extension that does exactly that(keiff3 support) while diff-ext offers far more features, and works even in windows.

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