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I have installed Ubuntu One on two machines - one Windows 7 and one Windows XP. I have added a folder from the computer using the "Add Folder" button on the Windows 7 machine. The Ubuntu One dialog box tells me that file synch is finished and up to date. I now have two problems.

  1. If I log on to my Ubuntu One account on the web, I can see what appears to be a LINK to the synched folder - I cannot open the folder and see the contents. This is what I see in the Files page of my Ubuntu one account: ~/Documents/Computing/Test

  2. On the second machine, after synching is complete, I see the folder but NOT the contents. The folder is EMPTY. Can anyone provide a solution as to a) what is happening and b) how do I get this folder to synch properly on the other locations?

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Just to check, but on the original computer that you're synching from, have you ticked 'Sync locally'? Adding a folder is a two step process, you must first add the folder, then tick sync locally, otherwise it will just sync the folder name but not contents

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