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I'm making a package for Cydia, but since it uses APT/dpkg, I thought I'd ask this question here.

I want my package to only install if gsc.wildcat (represents an iPad) is installed, or if gsc.front-facing-camera (represents an iPhone 4/4S) is not installed. This setup would let the package only install on the 3GS or an iPad, but there's no package that represents a 3GS that I know of. It also requires iOS 5 (firmware (>= 5.0)). Here's an excerpt from my control file:

Depends: gsc.wildcat, firmware (>= 5.0)
Conflicts: gsc.front-facing-camera

How can I do this with only Depends/Conflicts?

(Please note that this question is about dpkg and not Cydia.)

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