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This is my desktop, the icon is too big. enter image description here

I tried to use

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop font "Ubuntu 9"

but the it changes only font size of the desktop icons.

I tried to use Compiz, Advance Settings and Configuration Editor but they just have font size option, not icon size option.

How to change the desktop icon size?

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Does this apply to all files put on the desktop or just the one icon you're showing? If the latter, that probably means you did it accidentally. Right click the icon, then select "Restore Icon's Original Size...".

The first one, I don't know (yet) how that would happen.

Also, maybe you could try "gconf-editor." In it, go to apps>nautilus>icon_view. There's a setting for icon size there. Maybe that's what you need.

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I did it. I go to "Nautilus/Preferences/My Icon View Default", it zooms 400%. Changing it to 100% solved the problem. Thanks for the tips nautilus > icon_view. –  Emerald214 Nov 27 '11 at 7:04
  1. Right click the icon you want to resize. Select "Resize icon..."

    Screenshot of mouse hovering over "Resize icon..." option in context menu.

  2. Hold-click and drag the handles that appear over the icon to resize it.

    Screenshot of mouse dragging icon handles to make icon larger.

You can revert to the icon's default size by selecting "Restore Icon's Original Size" in the icon's right-click context menu.

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just open nautilus. Go to Edit → preferences and change the percentage of the symbolview oO ... sry german "Symbolansicht" (33%, 50%, 66%, 100%, 200%)

Why ever this setting affects the size of the icons on your desktop will be a mystery forever! But that is the easiest way to resize all icons on the desktop at once without using any tool like gconf-editor....

Edit: English "Icon View Defaults" group.

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Right click on the Desktop - select 'Change Desktop Background' this brings up the 'Appearance' window, at the bottom is 'Launcher Icon Size' move the slider

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-1 there is a difference between launcher icon and desktop icon –  Bleeding Fingers Sep 1 '13 at 16:53

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