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I have Archlinux installed along with Ubuntu on LVM over LUKS. The problem is I cannot boot to arch from menuentry provided by os-prober. Can anyone tell me the custom entry configuration to dual boot ?

Here is my harddrive partitions:

    /boot /dev/sda1 100MB [Ubuntu's Boot Partition]
   /dev/sda5 encypted partition with the following logical volumes:
    General-Home [Home partition of both]
    Ubuntu-Root [Ubuntu / partition]
    General-Swap [Swap Partition]
    Arch-Root [Arch / partion which contains /boot as well] 

Thanks for the help.

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Well here is the solution I found with help from arch forum:

Mount /dev/sda1 as /boot and enter the drive entry into fstab.

Now os-prober will show both ubuntu and arch.

The only problem with this setup is every time you update grub you need to change /boot/grub/grub.cfg as it sees arch's linux image as main ubuntu's latest linux image and sends ubuntu in previous versions.

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