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I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 on a desktop, so I don't have fn, and the option doesn't appear in under System Settings > Screen as it apparently only appears if your computer is detected to be a laptop.

Is there any way to change screen brightness?

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You should be able to adjust your brightness using control settings on your monitor, when using a desktop. There are a couple of ways to control brighness from the CLI, but I just use my hardware controls.

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I found a work around for my desktop. Maybe it will work for you if you are running both operating systems. I am running Ubuntu alongside windows7. I started up in windows and used the brightness buttons on the side of the screen/computer to set the brightness to the level that was acceptable. You might be able to do it in the windows settings as well. Then I restarted in Ubuntu 11.04 and the screen brightness held. I guess Ubuntu doesn't have the drivers yet for the hardware buttons since my computer is so new. I hope they will add the brightness bar for desktops in the next version.

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Install Brightness Controller Install brightness-controller from the Ubuntu Software Center. If it is not available then download the .deb file.

Screenshot 1

Now you can adjust the brightness using the slider.

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