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Strange phenomena ⋯ I have a friend I connect with and talk to regularly occasionally using video. He runs Windows XP with a Logitech webcam and mike. I run Windows XP with a Logitech webcam and mike, and a laptop with built in webcam and mike running both 11.10 x86 Desktop and Windows XP Home. We gab and ogle fine with these.

But when I installed 11.10 x86 with GNOME 3.2 dual boot on the same machine with the Logitech webcam and mike, whenever I try to ogle and gab the audio is total garbled. When I make a test call to skype or call somebody on a landline or cell - there's no problem.

In summary, everything works except for when running 11.10 x86 GNOME 3.2 connected to his Windows XP.

Stumped on this end.

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