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I was missing icons from menus in Ubuntu 11.10. I tried enabling them by setting menus_have_icons to true in GConf editor, as various answers on this site mention. However, that didn't work.

Then I tried Ubuntu Tweak, and it did work. What is that program doing differently?

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There are many big changes in 11.10. Among them is a new configuration system, called DConf. This replaces GConf, but the transition is not complete among all apps. You may wish to install and explore dconf-editor from the dconf-tools package. It is very similar to gconf-editor, except that many keys have gotten new names. You should be able to figure it out. For instance, if something used to be found in /apps/gnome/something, it may now be found in /org/gnome/something.

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Gnome3 (as used by Ubuntu 11.10) uses DConf instead of GConf you need to use dconf-editor (package dconf-tools) and set org.gnome.desktop.interface.menus-have-icons

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gnome-tweak-tool is also capable of managing a lot of these settings.

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Those settings are likely now in dconf, viewed/set thru dconf-editor or set thru gsettings

org.gnome.desktop.interface in dconf-editor (install dconf-tools

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface menus-have-icons true
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