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I've just got GNOME with 11.10 up and running with my netbook, and liked it so much I thought I'd get my parents' old machine sorted with Ubuntu too. Unity works fine but when I try to switch to GNOME Shell, I get problems. On login, the wallpaper appears as normal but then the colour bleeds out from the centre, leaving traces of it around the edge in a purple haze (yes, I do like Jimi Hendrix but I'm not making this up).

When I go to Applications, typing then pressing Enter in the search field dumps me out so there's nothing but File / Edit / View etc in top left; starting a program seems to work but then there's only a white screen and no program window.

GNOME Classic works fine, from the limited use I've given it. I'm using an Asus desktop with ABIT motherboard, 2.6ghz with 1gb RAM; I've checked drivers and it says I'm up to date, Nvidia graphics. Anyone any ideas?

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